Adventure Xpress

A world full of deadly dangers, where every bend in the road traveler can expect thugs thugs-hungry monsters or something worse. Good people live united settlements for a high fence and try to pick mushrooms in the woods or twigs walk only in large groups.
In such circumstances, and was based society of like-minded people - brave travelers, desperate shirts and a fearless people. They were called the Order of the courier or postman. I think their problems are understandable, but the working conditions extremely difficult. Every villain longed to meet a serviceman and rob, so our heroes were armored, armed and well owned magic runes.
The whole fight takes place in the form of "three in a row" and make combinations according to the weaknesses of the enemy and just crushes defense. Fight with terrible bosses and raided the den of the enemy for more profit.
Huge game features great graphics and classic gameplay like all fans of the genre. And the fact that you can do without Donato adds a big plus game.

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