BRICKS BREAKER - FRIENDS - is a fun game and a great time-killer, a vivid example of the classic Arkanoid game with colorful graphics, characters, bonuses and different levels.
Well traced levels, fast gameplay and a variety of characters distinguish this game among many others. In the game you are waiting for colorful special effects and well-drawn levels, nice music and sound effects.

▶ different characters and pets
Create your own unique atmosphere of the game with charming characters, such as a monkey, penguin, cat and others.

▶ National and World Ranking Ranking
Compete with players around the world to achieve first place in the ranking.

▶ The best players
Monthly ranking of the best players formed. Look, you can be the first?

▶ Drawing treasure map
Played a treasure map, daily gifts and improvement of character.

▶ Endless presence of various subjects
Enjoy a game of Bricks Breaker with a gun, fireballs, multi balls, and various other items!

Drawing of a treasure map
Played a treasure map, daily gifts and bonuses to improve the level of the character.


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