Zombie Safari 2

Zombiapokalipsis happened and from that moment took a lot of time. "Survivors" zombies have acquired the ability to think again, won his insatiable appetite, and are now trying to rebuild their lives in difficult conditions.
But the troubles are just beginning - first: clean, whole and a delicious human brain every day more and more difficult to get, and without him not as; and secondly the remaining infirm people struck by another illness, one and all have gone mad - and now the zombies have to make forays for fear of valuable resources every second attack madmen.
Our hero's name - Frankie and he reasonable cadaver, which is sent on a long journey in order to gather as much delicacy and at the same time the crowd thinned out the enemy. Machine guns, grenades, rocket launchers and more to help you fight off enemies to bite.

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