Millie - an addictive arcade puzzle game where you have to go through many levels, that would help fulfill the cherished desire of centipedes, who dreams of becoming a pilot. Help her go through difficult and dangerous journey to realize the dream!
Since its birth in Milli had one dream: to take off and soar high in the sky, away from all kinds of worldly cares and sorrows. Unfortunately! The fate cruelly mocked thy dreams, You were born a centipede! Soar in the clouds You can except in the beak of some crow ... or maybe not?
Resounded rumor that the nearest school to the course takes beginners pilots. This lifetime opportunity! Do not waste a minute ... and fly, then run towards the great adventure! The Road to You long and winding; You do not just lose the right direction and guidance. Remember however, about the big goal, waiting at the finish line.


- Many colorful levels
- Mini-games
- A huge number of bonuses

DATA: / sdcard / Android / obb /


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