Well-fed and tired bored of everyday life at the end of arrogant people and ask questions - "Are there any of the gods we worship?". Got together and decided that every people to build a great tower, unprecedented heights to get to heaven, but to see for themselves in one or another variant of the answer. But they do not know if they will see their pantheon of gods - this will produce a catastrophic effect and the whole world will be destroyed.
On urgent meeting has a higher order, were taken emergency measures to prevent such an event - one of the divine persons from each region should go to the local construction and realized sabotage. But there's a catch - those annoying in his research of consciousness or will suffer, or reduce the number of believers, and put it again on the brink of the very existence of mythical creatures.
So players have to "tormented" in this exciting arcade game, moving between floors and looking for free space to use their strength - the fiery rain, hail, tornadoes and other abilities to destroy the support and bring down the entire structure. But the hard-working people and restore the damage being finished with new levels of speed was subject only to the gods, on this - take your time, save the world from the end of the world.

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