Crossy Road

One afternoon 54 characters, including - crazy old man Ben, the Dark Lord, dragon, fish, wolf, unicorn, kiwi and even flea (and other memorable characters), led by obscure motives decided to cross a very dangerous area. He is replete with expressways, railways and rivers, which endlessly rushing in all directions, the flow of cars, flying past the buzzing fast trains and takes a leisurely, but very artful fusion of logs. Through all this hell, the players and to be transferred to the other side of his character. Amidst all this, there are saving dividing the lawn short rest and here again you risk being unrolled multi-ton colossus.
Let's start the game hen we gradually collecting coins (mortally dangerous occupation) and win money, you can keep an entire earned capital in the vending machine and discover new characters with unique features.
Crossy Road easily swallow you and your time, which will then be completely pathetic.

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