Crazy lunch

There comes a sacred time lunch at your desk, you're already taking aim with a fork in your bread and cheese, but then found a very unpleasant fact - strange and weird creatures dwelt among your things and claim their rights to the contents of the plate. They call themselves Freaks - a small, zubastenkie in the shoes and incredibly voracious creatures. Everything else has boundless arrogance, so they quietly steal right from under your nose.
Crazy lunch is divided into two modes of play. In the first you need to be able to respond to the invasion of your new neighbors and prevent attempts to removal of food. Collect a variety of bonuses in the form of bonus points or different tools to deal with the ever-hungry freaks.
And secondly, you will be able to train your memory in a fun event to find pairs of objects, and several modes of difficulty diversify this occupation.

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