Trials Frontier

Familiar world does not exist, he sunk into oblivion leaving behind a dense forest undergrowth among the ruins of the old cities, parched deserts with giant funnel and a small amount of people trying to survive and preserve remnants of the former civilization. Now the main values ​​are means of transportation and of course gasoline. "Rich" romp endless expanses unnamed continent, traveling and exploring unknown territories.
The main character, is just one of those tumbleweeds. Once a landslide, he wakes up in a small town where, having lost everything, he will have to start all over again and achieve even greater results.
Beautiful graphics, "juicy" voice 9 motorcycles, the possibility of upgrading and modernization of 250 jobs 70 tracks divided by 10 territories, construction of village impregnated humor dialogues with residents - all this awaits players in the Trials Frontier.

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