Optical Inquisitor

In 1980, after a successful business conducted by the protagonist was seriously wounded his accomplices. His helpless and dying found by the police. Freed after 8 years in prison, he learns that his wife was gone, and the daughter does not even want to meet him. "Revenge - a dish best served cold", but not for our character. Armed with a sniper rifle, it becomes a professional killer. Fulfilling customer orders and getting information about their former comrades, our shooter commits an act of revenge and then will try to get back to her daughter.
Optical Inquisitor - very unusual, brutal and sometimes cruel project from the creators of the kindest MIMPI. Excellent physics, destructible objects, beautifully-designed a bullet ballistics, mechanics authentic sniper weapons, great animation and narrative videos and much, much more awaits all who have decided to become the most famous killer in town.

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