Infinity Dungeon

History tells us that one war and his faithful companion magichka bothered to stick around the world, and they decided to settle and put down roots. But retired heroes do not pay pension and therefore need to get hold of a permanent source of income for a comfortable old age. They chatted with gnomes and found that there are close to the abandoned Gold Mine which firmly established the undead. And forget about it would be a long time, but that lived there developed - just incredible size. It's not only the end of life will be enough, but great-grandchildren will. Have entered into a mutually beneficial agreement - the heroes of the invaders clean mine, and the gnomes are back to work there.
Infinity Dungeon literally - endless game, passing one level and defeat the boss, the next time you just go in the complicated adventure for the same dark corridors. Raises the need for continuous pumping of your characters. But managing a 4 buttons, simple gameplay and funny dialogues like a lot of players.

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