Shadow Blade

For many centuries the ninja clans remained not destiny continued to hide in the shadows and passed from generation to generation, their knowledge and skills. Many have found themselves in the role of assassins in the service of large corporations and thrive, other faithful traditions virtually disappeared. About the confrontation between two such schools will be discussed in the game.
Events unfold in the near future and very gloomy, as shows the presence of unusual for a Japanese architecture and a large number of neon signs and billboards. But great familiarity with the universe do not expect the whole game we will wade through abandoned factories, windswept construction of high-rise buildings, catacombs and other nice little place. And considering that all of them are full of deadly traps and well-trained opponents, carefree stroll, it can not be named.
Jumping, lightning battle, secrets and loved by many setting makes the Shadow Blade remarkable ninja fighter. Galloping storyline will leave only the most pleasant experience that will disappear as quickly as our hero in the smoke.

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