Doodle War

Doodle War - an uncompromising confrontation between you and your enemies. Around the gunshots, explosions, debris chadyaschie tanks, squeaky robots try to pinch you "in a pincer movement" and nasty green monsters crawling in order to bite a lonely war. You hastily reloading his shotgun, think when they run out and there will be enough ammo at all. A heap of opponents is cherished candy that can give you an extra life. Grabbing a "zipper" and completely ignoring scattered around gold coins, then they themselves zaschitayutsya, rush to the goal. Improved bonus weapons released one after another cloud fraction crushing and mutilating the enemy surrounded the target. Finally lifting it and even having a moment to rejoice you look back sharply. The enemy cowardly to do the unexpected attack, appearing behind you, and you have to maneuver around the lined notebook sheet. But a common tactic this time does not help, monsters surrounded you and is about to crush mass ... Up !!! Ha-ha-ha! Well, until the next lesson, gentlemen! Then we continue the war!

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