Super Cow

Super cow, and it was just she decided not to go on a break and first scout district. Therefore, landing on the border, she went deep into the territory occupied by the enemy. Soon she met the first mercenary elements in the service of the mad professor, and therefore it again waiting for exciting adventures and hot fight with the enemies.
But let's talk about our heroine. It is the most brutal superhero in the universe, living in a fantasy world with remarkable graphics and amusing characters, does not give milk, but eats yogurt. Can jump high and move around on the roof. And Thistle has the rare gift of looking down, which helps when searching for secrets and landfills with household waste. Since the cow is a staunch fighter for a clean environment, it is with pleasure destroys clogged garbage bags and rusty barrels. On top 4 types of controls allowing you to easily control the actions of our combat friends.

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