Crotch Dogs

Crotch Dogs inherently endless runner with a first-person. We play for the dog whose whether rabies, whether it is abnormal from birth. One day she announced on local hunting sobakolov concerned inadequate behavior of their purpose. But the dog so just give up and not going to run away with all the swagger of a man with a butterfly net.
But it seems that today all ganged up against our four-legged hero on the way to salvation lined up a whole crowd of people. And everyone is trying to hold you until the arrival of reinforcements. They need to be punished for such aspirations, bite them right in the groin.
For this is a sight reminiscent of the structure collimator, projection red dot framed circle stylized fanged mouth (teeth obviously not a dog, apparently sobakolov rights necessary to isolate the protagonist, he is dangerous).
Aim and time bite, get points and so until you get bored.

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