Cow Evolution

Have you always wanted to become a successful farmer and grow anywhere on the green expanse of vast country any cloven-hoofed animals. But the crisis, defaults, inflation and greedy banks are not allowed to fulfill his dream.
But here on your happiness was an explosion at a nuclear reactor. Residents were evacuated, all fenced, background radiation exceeds the limit, but the price of land fell almost to zero. Here you and bought farmland, agreed to airlift calves and cows began to grow first and then completely unknown animals. Fonyaschaya environment gave quite incredible results - Six-, trehrogie, like a giraffe, two-headed, and other representatives of the new cows invaded your meadows. For obvious reasons, can not be milked milk, but the manure, but manure, was just the most valuable product life.
And began to live happily ever after, the money flowing river, only manage to collect the "harvest", ladybugs do not complain and just reproduce on an industrial scale. And recently they have started to produce and diamonds!
In general, more than a dream come true.

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