Pixel Wizard

There once was a magician, way of life that included many feats, discoveries, achievements and good disposition of the king. But over time to meet the standards first had to grow a white beard, and then go to a retirement pension. Change of residence from the capital to the countryside, only our hero began to get involved in a leisurely and measured life, like a bolt from the blue - in five steps from the settlement opened a portal to the underworld. Demons of all kinds, led by their leader ran his will to conquer all the surrounding land, and the first thing occupied castle local baron.
Here you go! Villagers lined up to our protagonist with pleas for help and protection. Retired called! From the trunk, not had time to pick up dust, our magichestvo pulled the enchanted robe, hat and of course the magic wand and went to repair the chaos in the enemy camp.

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