Robbery Bob

Bob a childhood dream to be a ninja, but it is hard to even if you have all this talent, because he was not born in feudal Japan. Therefore, young talent, that ability is not lost in the blank, a thief, burglar.
We met with our hero while serving their sentence. A small mistake cost him his freedom. But his friend, teacher and part-time employer releases it. Wasting no time, they sent a couple to rob the house closest to the area of ​​the correctional institution.
The protagonist is quiet, agile, can cling to walls and can tyrit right from under the nose or anything unsuspecting people. Bob but the most valuable things did not scruple to steal yesterday's newspaper, plates, food, toys, comics, razors and other stuff.
But the owners of good is not so simple, they notice the open doors, responding to noise and do not sit on the sidelines, and walk across the area, forcing us to blend in with the furniture and even hiding in a cardboard box.

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