Trouble Dragons

Once a skillful magician performed another experiment a little and did not calculate. Suddenly opened a portal through flooded dragons. And everyone knows that these winged creatures can not sleep peacefully until bedrooms or destroy a couple of villages. Coming in from throughout the kingdom like a hurricane, they have left no stone unturned in all buildings. Farmhouses, mills, restaurants and even castles succumbed to their pressure. Well, no one proznal whose fault did these uninvited guests.
Residents from all around the magician pulled to an audience, so that, using his strength, rebuild their homes. Well, for that they promise to pay well, how can we not at the same time earn some money and to hide its mistakes?
The spores are collected from parts of the structure, to banish pesky flies like a dragon, do not skip past the improvements and then you will cope with the invasion of harmful creatures.

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