Boogey Boy

Once upon a brother and sister and a small dog. Got into the habit to come to them at night, the monster in the form of nightmares. Or reality? Then you will not define the boundaries of the real and fiction. Normal flashlight as a night light, protect them from attacks, but once the batteries in it are exhausted. Monster without delay kidnapped girl and a dog at the same time. And now it's for the kid, but he hastened to escape from his glittering heels.
These gamers and will be engaged, simultaneously picking up stars and bonuses. And most importantly - to find three batteries, so using light to defeat the kidnapper and save his friends.
Boogey Boy - a horizontal runner with excellent 3D graphics. That is to your liking can be as endless survival (not enough to collect necessary objects) or the player will perform the task and finish the mission.

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