Jumpy Cat

One day an old cat, basking in the sun, dozing on the windowsill, but annoying singing birds can not afford to sleep. Inaccessibility for birds claws and teeth greatly angered our hero. And seeing the helplessness of baleen-striped, the singer began to tweet only louder. Driven to distraction tailed recalled his youth in the army paratrooper, wore a parachute and went into free fall.
This is where the players and get control over the avenger, collect in-flight stars, bonuses, and most importantly these nasty winged creatures turns into a cloud of feathers. Beware of obstacles in the form of a balcony, air conditioning, scaffolding, exposed wires, pipes and other extremely dangerous objects.
Use the optional dome, magnets or combat elixirs (I suspect that there valerian) to great effect.

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