Boss Clicker

Players will need to win nine of the most powerful bosses. This is the most terrible, terrible and dangerous creatures that you see. Each one is unique and to combat them you need to create some winning tactics for each. And do not think that even with the first fight will be easy and warm-up. For killing you will give agents - the key things in this game, in the truest sense of the expression. After all of them need to create keys in the smithy. With them, you can get the most powerful and best weapon.
And while on the earned gold purchase ordinary swords, axes and chop them that there is power at your fingertips. You can also buy several units of mercenaries. For hard cash they will not give a hand, etc. in this difficult matter. Putting this process on the flow and accumulated a couple of times an astronomical sum, open the other modes. Even more challenging and exciting.

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