AdVenture Capitalist

Deciding to start their own business and to conquer the world with his business acumen and dexterity, the main character did not jump over your head, arguing sensibly invested a single dollar in your purchase of one lemon. Make lemonade, sold, with the proceeds were bought two lemons. And away we go. Sales of newspapers, washing machines, pizza delivery, manufacture of donuts, catching shrimp and more, up to a hockey team ownership and production of oil. Hire to help managers to switch to more profitable business. And improvements and advisors even more speed up the process.
The game is simple and unpretentious. Economic simulator to call it impossible. There is no competition, and related factors for full compliance with the genre. The only thing that will need to carefully monitor the movement and time scales Tapan on the screen, so no matter one second has not been lost in vain.

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