Dark Dayz - Prologue

Since zombiapokalipsisa passed five years. Remains of the population try to survive on the ruins of civilization. You play as a loner who travels on infested country to escape the hordes of the undead.
In each mission you must secure place to stay. To do this, you need to destroy several waves of cadavers who came to visit you from all around. And build a fence that can stop a surprise attack. Zombies come in three types: normal - slow and not very dangerous, sprinters - the best of them hide behind cover and hefty, bloated monster - kill that may require two grenades and a couple of lines at point blank range.
In addition to the standard set of weapons, the game has a crafting system. Can be of quite a seemingly useless junk to create throwing knives, fireworks, Molotov cocktails and other useful items.

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