Dunky Dough Ball

As in the well-known fairy tale, ball of dough to realize himself as a person to complete the cooking process. Fearing that he passed the crucible furnace test is not entirely pleasant feeling, he decides to leave home, but rather the kitchen. But the chef does not appreciate the birth of intelligent life and decided to stop our hero's career by submitting it to the table in the form of the finished dish.
It was then, and players come into play. You need to draw an analogy Bun in 80 locations along the way by collecting coins to unlock new levels. On each of them to get to the thicket of water - it's the only safe place. At the end of each stage it is waiting for the battle with the boss.
Trampolines, lava, steam and many other traps will be on your way. Look for prizes and bonuses in the most dangerous places, they offer interesting and funny skins for our character.

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