Muzzle Puzzle

Somewhere in the distant universe from us, in an unknown realm is a forest in which they live cute monsters. They are a bit like our terrestrial animals, but only a little. They are green, blue, red, and all other colors. They, sometimes, grow horns, needles or have a trunk. Their good-natured and cheerful disposition made this thicket known to the entire continent.
Once a magician walked along the path, just in this forest. Being in a gloomy mood, he did not like the fun of local residents and without hesitation, he put a curse on them. Now each of them two copies. Number 1 misses her number 2 and vice versa.
Players will need to hold the line between them, so that our poor fellow could meet and continue to live happily. But their paths do not cross, and all the cells in the field must be filled.

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