Once upon a time the kittens, or rather a huge number of baleen-striped, and they all loved to indulge and have fun. But there were many, and eared want to have fun together. And then the game was invented which were used all at once, it's - CatMix. You can put a figure consisting of clumps of hair on the plane, combining them in color characteristics. And then tapaya on them you will remove them. Moreover, it is possible to do, both during laying clawed and after you fill out the "glass".
Nor any nerves, just click on the screen and the whole process will be on pause. You can arrange objects as you like. Besides heroes of the occasion, you will fall puppies, local analog bombs, pillows bring extra points and other bonuses.
CatMix please all indifferent to the cat and will provide them a unforgettable pleasure.

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