Click Heroes

There was a hero, and like any other, he sought to accomplish great feats and achievements in order to remain forever chant the ballads and songs. But in this world of such candidates is very much at all minstrels and taverns are not impossible to satiate. Therefore, the protagonist went on a tour of the most dangerous parts of the world, and along the way a warrior has decided to fight with every monster counter to the glory of his exploits finally reached human ears.
Accumulating enough gold coins can be spent on the development of their performance and skills SG or hire mercenaries in the squad, which will be periodically poke their weapons at the enemy, thus helping the best of their ability.
It is sad that even the monsters are not protected and are helplessly until they clog the whole crowd rabid fans of adventure. The whole process is more like genocide than a battle, which is very quickly get bored even fans of mobile applications.

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  • Posted by: asdfg (guest), 2015-06-18 00:55:32
    Pense que era blitzcranck con la imagen en el menu xd

  • Posted by: me agarda el juego (guest), 2015-07-02 01:08:19
    cuando aun era version 1 aburria algo pero conforme iva actualizandose me fue agradando mas y mas ahora ya terngo 20 prestigios y esto es adicitivo buen game (Y)

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