Amigo Pancho

The whole gameplay is based on physics (the same principle was applied in the infamous game about the crocodile), we need to pave a safe way for our dear friend, so that he died from a variety of traps. Balls have only two, one on each hand, but the loss of even one would entail grave consequences for the aeronautical skills of the protagonist. Against Pancho - thorns, wasps, needles cactus, cactus he shot at us, and it is not clear that the dark personality and strive to strike sharp swords.
But the character is not discouraged, because you will help him. Move the platform, incorporating a fan, set traps, dig tunnels through the sand, and more power over the players as an invisible guardian angel.
Pancho wants to show unique abilities not only in his homeland and is going to visit the 80 levels on four locations (Texas, Siberia, Tibet and Peru).

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