Gruntprince Journey

Sweets Kingdom is not just called. Here, every building is constructed from a variety of confectionery. This unusual architecture - the cause of envy on the part of neighboring states and some dark figures. That, in turn, decided to conquer the "sdobny" region. The army of skeletons in the streets carefree city was a shock to the residents and guards. But the brave prince and heir to the throne by taking a sword to fight off the invaders.
The main character is constantly running, requires players to a time jump or attack. Periodically, we will provide a small branch from a regular road. Jumping at the right time, gamers will be able to collect more jewels, or find a new piece of equipment. At the end of each level of the protagonist will fight with huge boss. But the magic spells and buy better weapons to help defeat it in a jiffy.

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