Sword Of Xolan

Once upon ordinary people in the most ordinary village and nothing they have not been noticeable. Is what happened to them was a great magician, and were near the gates of the underworld. Well, where else evil inflict a blow however here? Oh yeah! And remember to do it at night. And it is not nice to get in front of the villagers.
In general - assault, hostage-taking, magician, too, in a cage (not very steep, and it turned out) and back home. But there it was! Just passing by the famous warrior and a fighter with all the evil at once, who decided to intervene in this chaos, release prisoners and punish the instigator of the crime. And then begins a complete pleasure from the game. Mince the enemy caste they fireball looking caches and secrets, collect silver and gold, and again chop enemies. Buy the improvements and fight with the huge and terrible bosses.

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