Whack Your Neighbour

It all started innocently - summer, warm weather, a day off, a bottle of beer, hot dogs on the grill to brown, faithful dog turns around. Grace! But all messed neighbor who did not like the behavior of your pet. Pinned and began to speak to you bad words and also threatening. Well, what's good mood? As the wind blew. This and insolent boor should pay here and now. Getting Started!
The choice you have a huge number of ways of killing - to incite a dog to the head empties, stick a garden shovel, crap holes grablemi, turn into mush by a lawn mower and even drop him a tree. And after you've enjoyed a revenge for a spoiled leisure, you will immediately be able to return to the initial and repeat all the other inventory. Whack Your Neighbour - ideal to spend free time with no worries.

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