Angry Birds 2

In Angry Birds 2 story does not undergo no changes at all. All the same greedy green pigs come back rake stealing birds from the same egg. Pyatachkovye have not learned anything new, they continue to build fortifications of wood and ice, occasionally punctuating the whole thing rocks. But on the heels of pursuing valuable cargo feathered podnakopili experience in the destruction of buildings and have saved a couple of surprises for the enemies. For example red can now publish battle cry destroys everything in its path. A blue and yellow add properties to easily sew matching color obstacles. Introduced and spells allowing difficult situations to use a completely unexpected rivals action. Corrupts rain of rubber ducks, freeze wall and other amazing magic now we are subject. A small inclusions card system allows you to choose the next "shell."
At first, it is clear that we face a serious upgrade to the iconic gameplay, but rethinking and a new perspective on the genre.

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