Ghost Tales

The main character lived his life standard has not yet received an unusual letter with no return address. As it has been said that many years ago her missing grandfather now lives in a remote village. Also in the envelope was a short stick. Taking a strange instrument, intrigued by the girl he went in search of long-lost relative. Upon arrival she saw a strange, almost ghostly village of dilapidated houses. Arriving at the place she met her already very old grandfather surrounded by evil ghosts. A piece of wood was the most real magic wand, plucky heroine rescued old man and found out that she the descendant of an ancient family of hunters for ghosts. Granddaughter is to restore 21 houses in which they live both good and evil spirits. Return grandeur this place and unravel the mystery - who was the sender of the letter.

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  • Posted by: віка (guest), 2015-10-05 21:20:01
    Капець що за гра і вобще як її скачать по нормальному!!!

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