These edges for centuries had a very distinctive reputation of places from which no one ever returned, nevertheless always been attractive to adventurers of all stripes. The deserters, fugitives, rootless vagabonds greedy for easy money, professional treasure hunters and other gentlemen of fortune there, he went there to try their luck. But as we all know - we have not been successful raids. That's the main character after long wanderings faced the wall, passing that found himself in a world where everything is absolutely carries death cautious traveler. The traps, monsters, wild animals, undead, and other inhabitants of these regions will gladly snack juicy and tasty man. The most agile and skillful, but gold and jewels in various forms, met fellow sufferers trapped in cells (apparently preparations for the winter). Unlocked the door, it will be possible to take their role and continue their journey on behalf of one of these strange characters.

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