Heroes and Puzzles

The presence of the storyline - the only thing that really makes it clear that this is a RPG. But here is nothing new, the story is simple, but the main character childish naive. It all started with the fact that the Crown Prince (in the place of the status with it Comes a guardian angel warning of the dangers) returned to his native kingdom. And there he found a fierce mess. From the border - skirmishes with bandits marauding Orcs, disparate groups of doers revelries, and the closer to the capital, the more difficult the situation is. We need urgently to remember everything that was taught in courses on management of the country, collects the villages and villages ready to fight mercenaries and move full steam ahead to find out what happened and who was the root cause of this chaos. Oh, and should choose the right weapons, as well as a couple of powerful artifacts, because nobody knows what awaits him ahead.

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  • Posted by: Aleks (guest), 2015-12-22 14:23:36
    Данная версия скорее всего не полная т.к версия в 73+ мб считается устаревшей

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