It`s Time to Die

The plot takes a start in the world similar to ours, but with one serious difference - the planet is divided into two regions, one ecology above all - cleanliness, order, the sun is shining, the birds chirp, in general, the grace. And the other - an industrial area with all the features. One day a resident of the landscaped area is kidnapped and brought to the laboratory in which to conduct experiments on people. The aim of scientists - the creation of a super soldier, but the main character goes to an incorrect dose of serum and it mutates into a zombie is not controlled by individual and breaks free. Constant craving to eat and to create horror, pushing him to arrange a hunt for ordinary passers-by. Catch up, tear apart, turns into his own kind, collect coins, ride at tremendous speeds on the road turns into a skating rink or a hefty monster which can not cope any one army unit.

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