Rise & Destroy

Imagine that you are the most common alien visitor on a remote and underdeveloped world. After the righteous works on arrangement of transshipment base and need to rest a little. But for unknown reasons naps stretched for thousands of years, which was interrupted by impudent natives have decided that they have reached an unprecedented scientific peaks, and your technology will help them to become really quite similar to the gods. Well, you go to the object of medical experiments and research. Here are all the "brilliant" plan covered himself with a copper basin, because someone finally opened his eyes. And then it turned out that the local form of life for you the size of a bug, and their ridiculous buildings collapse after feeble shock. But where are the others? Abducted! It is urgent to find them and bring to a safe place. Pity aggressive mood of the population makes no sense, and it is time to use all your skills.

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