Super Dangerous Dungeons

After the fantastically successful campaign for treasure in the first part, Timmy a little rest, and despite the entreaties to go to the money somewhere in tropical countries, began to gather in a new raid. The search for the purpose of looting have taken a long time, but the main character did not despair and steadfastly hoped to find an exciting adventure on his ass. What he managed, bought for next to nothing, at half-mad old man sells all junk, old map indicated the location of the alleged temple Lost somewhere in the dense forests in a couple of days away from the tavern, where the character and came across a seller. The scent is not deceived and lied not gray-haired, well-preserved building and the truth turned out to be where expected. That's just nowhere to be pointed out that the entire perimeter in the traps. Naturally Timmy did not fail in one of them please. Fall was not high, but that's out of this deadly maze will not be easy.

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