Rayman Adventures

The main characters were dozing after the next adventure, when they had fallen from the sky egg. When they caught up with the "fugitive" under the shell turned out amazing creature has taken the name of onions. He told them that he and other relatives since ancient times supporting life in the Holy tree, kidnapped by unknown evil person, and now only by Ramon and his comrades depends the future of the Great Forest. But our cheerful friends do not have to ask for a long time and now they are already on the trail of thieves seeking the return of stolen creatures. Onions and others like him have a unique opportunity to specify where the hero is located secrets. There will be gold, and lyumy just stolen baby. And the more You take them with you so performance will race. In addition to saving the so-called «Incrediballs», about them as necessary to care, play with them, feed and even perform with a variety of music. This means at Ramon and the company will again be plenty of exciting journeys and discoveries.

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