The plot takes in Quickboy starting after 7 years after the outbreak of the zombie virus, and followed him the tragic events. Though humanity is not entirely receded into the background and continues to resist the attacks of mutants, people prefer not to leave the safe havens, and those who go beyond the perimeter looked upon as crazy suicide. For the same reason organized service delivery of letters, parcels and other correspondence, to put it mildly, is booming. But the workplace is very traumatic, so here are only the most desperate brave and just hungry for extreme characters.
At the main character today is the first time for the start he needs to pass the accelerated practical course and even then only go to an independent path. Each of the couriers can be found in the big world or purchased on their hard-earned various bonuses to help this difficult field.

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    Ez szentem ratyi nem tom te tölteni :D

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