Mighty Dragons

In one of the fantasy universes a curious and rowdy boy once came across in the mountains in a huge cave. Inside was soundly sleeping dragon, covered with a thick layer of dust he had absolutely nothing to protect. No one gold coin a tomboy found, no matter how sought. Angered and tired, he poked a stick in the closed eyelid giant. Oh! Not Rated act giant fire-breathing lizard guy just ate it in one second, and then went to wake up the rest of their brethren. And so it went back to the world the scourge of distant centuries. As if not enough evil spirits, monsters, undead, and other disasters are now more devouring cattle creation fly through the sky. And so it went until one day the protagonist did not see a dragon's egg unattended and did not steal it. Hatched cub was the best friend character and together they went to fight evil.

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