Land Sliders

Land Sliders - this is a very strange and different from other worlds space. It does not move the character, and the whole planet has infinite dimensions, moved so as to push closer to the desired point of the protagonist. Which is simply a great many and they are all completely different from each other, and often they do not even have to be alive. By selecting certain, gamers will need to collect unique items unique to that creature. Koala - Eucalyptus, washing machine - socks, a hurricane - houses and so on. Besides a minor danger somewhere fall, travelers will wait a variety of aggressive-minded animals. They will try by all means send avatar to restart. Particularly nasty - a dinosaur on the "grasshoppers", nimble and very bouncy, they will bring a lot of trouble to those whom they see. Explore this universe, there is an unusual location, perform tasks, and just bastard from what is happening on your screen.

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