Major Tom - Space Adventure

Major Tom - a brave warrior, a real Space Wolves participated in many wars, honorary citizen of several planets and the owner of the heap of awards. But all this did not help him to have time to come to the last ship home. It all started with the fact that the main character came to Mars from magnificent celebration of his friends, which successfully took on his chest and slept through your flight. But drunken reckless, and he thought it would be easier to get to the land of their progress, that is, with the help of a spacesuit equipped with a rocket pack. Start was successful, but went after difficulties in the form of meteorites, debris, and other bodies of standing in the way of our valiant traveler. There is still evil aliens have decided to take revenge on him, and went in pursuit, which means you need to push. Along the way, you can posobirat gold nuggets, then to buy himself a new suit.

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