Day of the Viking

In ancient times, when the roads traveled brave knights in search of great deeds on his own head, princes panicked scoured the remotest corners of the kingdoms, in order not to be left without a princess and villains dried up from melancholy monotony, in one of the towers was imprisoned lovely lady of noble blood . She breathlessly peered at the horizon, hoping to see there are 1 or 2 option, well, in extreme cases, 3, and so it is possible and old age die. And here on the hill there was a warrior ... and not alone, a lot of them ... Vikings !!! Close the gates! Today is not the day of foster and prepare the defense as soon as possible!
And another former guard in the morning of captivity turned into defenders, and the girl in their commander. Against attacking well help arrows and successfully fired from the similarity kamenyuga huge slingshot. The main thing not to let them close to the entrance to the castle.

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