Minefield Run

New Year - it's always a terrible hassle with the preparation for the holiday. And quite often forget or do not have time to become the owner of a very important attribute of the time change of the two calendars. Namely - ate, the one on which need to hang toys and drive around her dances. Without it there is no sentiment, and the children are crying, because the gifts Santa Claus no place to put, so this time they are in flight, and so on, to a very sad consequences. And like every father, the protagonist can not leave your home without ever green beauties. Even if the court of the evening of the 31st, and not only cut down bushes in the territory of a secret military facility. The home team is absolutely not welcome strangers walking around in the area, so all the way to the goal is dotted with anti-personnel mines. But the child insisted moan and points his finger to the desired extraction and with a heavy heart character begins his dangerous path.

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