Chicken Shot - Space Warrior

Now this story knows every student anywhere in the world. Children with a sinking heart, listen attentively to the stories of battle and preceding that hour, the biography of the great hero, who was able to hold on long hours of the first wave of alien invasion. Due to this orbital defenses could fully prepared to repel the deadly threat. But then no one did not know that many thousands of living next to people chicken actually descendants of the alien ship crashed a long time ago was the reason for the death of the dinosaurs. Forgotten his native house and everything what owned the technology, they gradually began to capture the world. But the rapid growth of human population and their ancestors destroyed the grandiose plans and have reduced them to the status of poultry. And now, after many years at a time when our space character patrolled border from hyperspace appeared reconnaissance detachments of the main fleet arrived in search of the missing. Thus began the legendary battle.

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