Tap! Tap! Faraway Kingdom

According to the law of meanness on the day of the wedding of the protagonist Black Dragon emerged from his lair and stole the magic cube anciently belonged to his family. It would be better if he took the princess daughters of King World typed a lot, but a powerful artifact only one such. Holiday spoiled the mood too, then there's this person of noble blood and buzzing saws nerves in the ear. An urgent need to go to recover a priceless relic, well that our knight is not timid and easily chop, like cabbage, any foe. Dungeons unbelievable extensive and each level is infested with monsters. Some exercise, you can improve your skills, buy ammunition, a sword pouhvatistey, and a couple of other mercenaries can be invited to assist. Assemble a band of swashbuckling Slayers will actually stolen away and slapped together on the horns brazen thief.

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