Smashy City

This time we are stopping here on the side of the canonicity of monsters, creatures and monstrous destructive force. They can be compared with the uncontrolled fury of natural disasters whole metropolis is erased from the face of the Earth. They are not evil, they just do not understand why have to reckon with the existence of small and pesky insects and ant hills of glass and concrete. In our disposal will be 26 kinds of giants, among whom will come across as a very recognizable creatures and unknown to most people. At the start, we will find ourselves in the heart of a big city, our task is to destroy as many as possible of buildings and any vehicles. Very quickly, the place of first emergency services arrive, and after them, and the troops with tanks and combat helicopters. If the first small arms will not bring serious problems, missiles and shells to make us very easy prey. In such a case will rage mode and use of high-rise buildings as shelters.

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