Toilet Squad

They - especially guarded state secret in any country where there is at least one type of product sanfayansovoe "ordinary toilet". They - the last line of defense. Those employees are hidden behind masks, and any leak of information about their activities immediately suppressed and severely punished. They - "Dressing special forces." And only the best of the best are worthy to serve in this office. And yet it would be absurd if it were not criminals of all stripes, terrorists and other evil creatures from other worlds, who have learned to use the normal room "for the building," as cheap portals between universes.
The main character, just come to one of the emergency calls and found at a huge public toilet a few floors. Strangers took hostages and prepared for the defense. And our brave warriors have to knock the door and quickly decide whether to shoot inside or not. Jobs, of course, the hells.

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