Catch the Fly

Our hero has just moved to a new place and this pleased to oblivion. Old, dilapidated house without unnecessary competition - it's just incredibly rich in the food area. Flies fat, lazy and a lot of them. True, there are other insect guards, but for such a brisk and vёrtkogo character as ours, it is not a problem. After initial exploration, he went hunting and we with him. Shoot spider web, we tighten to the point of ambush, waiting for the careless extraction and attack with lightning speed. A couple of seconds, and the victim is ready for shipment and subsequent eating. But at a meeting with the bees is better to stay away from them. They act as heat-seeking missiles, and so you need to keep your distance and watch, as if not to be at an impasse. Thinking through their actions and constant movement is the key to success.

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